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ByteDance Has Recruited Vyou’s VR Veteran Ma Jiesi and His Team

By Weilin Li
Jun. 23, 2022 updated 11:37

Last month, Ma Jiesi, the former VR director of Xiaomi and founder of PoliQ, joined ByteDance in charge of the company’s VR innovations directions under Pico.

Multiple sources indicate PoliQ’s entire team of 50 staff members, has all been recruited by ByeDance.

The app of Vyou developed by Ma Jiesi and his teamThe app of Vyou developed by Ma Jiesi and his team

Ma Jiesi was also the developer behind Vyou, a social entertainment app launched in November 2020 and featuring virtual idols. The app was a hit among ACG fans at that time, but afterward was reported for charging premium without having a publishing license for in-game payment.

The new recruitment is considered a new step further of ByteDance into the metaverse.

Source: IThome