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Game for Peace’s Crossover with Lotus Brings Supercar Evija in Game

By Xueyang
Jun. 27, 2022 updated 07:26

Tencent mobile game, Game for Peace, has announced a crossover with Lotus Cars.

This crossover intends to bring Lotus’ latest electric supercar model, Evija to games on June 29, as a purchasable vehicle skin. In addition, players will be able to drive Evija upside down on a close-to-ground altitude, as a demonstration of the supercar’s magnificent aerodynamics design in real life.

This is not the first time Game for Peace crossover with automobile companies. Previously, the game had also ran campaigns with car brands such as Maserati, Lamborghini, Tesla, etc.

Game for Peace x Maserati

Game for Peace x Lamborghini

Game for Peace x TeslaGame for Peace x Tesla

Source: Weibo