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RocketPunch Games Announced That Two New Works Are in Development

By Cecil Gao
Jun. 27, 2022 updated 10:43

RocketPunch Games announced that its hugely popular robot combat game Hardcore Mecha is celebrating the third anniversary of its release and will open a sale on Steam. The studio also said there are two new works currently under development, and players will be surprised by what they are waiting for.

RocketPunch said that this year is already the third anniversary of the launch of Hardcore Mecha, the studio has developed from the “floating office” that only has three people to a well-known indie game studio that has won all kinds of achievements and awards including the PlayStation Awards Indie & Developer Game Awards.

The floating office of RocketPunchThe floating office of RocketPunch

RocketPunch also stated that they have gained a lot from the ups and downs of this journey. Witnessing their robot design turned into digital models, made the game on multiple platforms, and even succeeded in pursuing their dreams. And what’s more important is that all of their growth and achievements can not be obtained without the support of the players, so they have prepared a discount for players on this special anniversary, hoping that more people can come and try out this well-designed mecha game.

For the two new games in development, RocketPunch did not reveal too much information, but they are quite sure that players will feel the waiting is worth it when they played the games.