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Tencent launches a New Cyber Security Solution for Global Gaming Industry

By Isabella Jiangcheng
Nov. 9, 2021 updated 08:09

In a time of increasingly violent and sophisticated cyber-attacks, the gaming industry has realized the difficulty for developers alone to launch their comprehensive defence solution. The industry must ensure regular operation via stable and reliable third-party security solutions.

On Nov. 3rd, Tencent launched their one-stop gaming security solution brand Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) during the 2021 Tencent Digital Ecosystem Summit (DES 2021). The brand focuses on resolving four major threats to in-game experiences, including cheating bots, DDoS attacks, toxic and harmful user-generated content, game-related illegal business such as organized gold farming and copyright infringement.

The three-layered structure of ACE

Tencent also released the 2020 Gaming Security White Paper along with ACE. According to this report, the scale of cyber-attacking is growing exponentially. In 2020, hardware sold and used for cyber attacking video games worth 9.52 billion CNY ( ~1.5 billion USD). The number of detected mobile cheating software and bots also reached 10,802 cases, an increase of 118% compared with last year, and the number of toxic comments processed by automods exceeded 30.3 billion. The complexity of cyber threats also expanded. DDoS attacks, game boosting, passive AFK are all affecting players gaming experiences in their own ways.

“In the past, it is generally believed Chinese market has the worst cybercrime issues, but now these problems are rising at a global scale.” In an interview with Youxiputao, Tencent’s Video Game Security Director Li Changjiang explained ACE’s core competency from an international perspective. “We provide solutions for both PC and mobile games. For example, we are currently providing security solutions for both PUBGM and PUBG. At first, Krafton minimized the risks with their internal security team, but they had to seek protection from our security solution with the growing attacks.”

The team behind ACE is highly professional with extensive industry expertise. “One of the most important features of security is that it is dynamic and consistently aggressive. Our team faces constant real-world attacks in order to deliver protection.” Li says. For the past 20 years, the team has developed robust technical solutions through challenges that are posed on a daily basis. The team can confidently claim that they have built multiplatform, full-cycle, full-process solutions that can meet the needs of both cloud (mobile) and terminal games.

ACE will also provide external technical support for games that are not affiliated with Tencent. Li believes It is crucial for the industry to build an integrated ecosystem and to form systematic projects. “It is not a fair competition between the developers and the cheating bots. Normally these bots operate in a global context and the information exchange among their creators are rapid. Every time a new attack method is created, you can see it reflected in every other bot. But as individual developers, for both confidentiality and time constraints reasons, we can hardly share security advancements among each other.”