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2022 China Game Developers Conference will be held on August 27

By Cecil Gao
Jul. 6, 2022 updated 05:45

On July 5, the Chinese Game Developers Conference announced that due to the postponement of the 20th ChinaJoy exhibition in Shanghai, the conference will be held online in the MetaJoy digital-world building Metacon from August 27 until September 1. Players can join the conference from multiple live stream platforms and experience an unprecedented metaverse exhibition.

This year, CGDC has invited some successful global game developers to share their latest development achievements and experiences through dozens of online sessions. There are six main sessions throughout the conference, which are RPG, action games, strategy games, indie games, latest technologies and overseas operations. For the action game section, CGDC has invited the producer of Monster Hunter: Rise, Yasunori Ichinose, to share how the dev team used Capcom's RE engine to make sandbox maps and monsters feel awesome on the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter: Rise has sold 10 miilion copies so farMonster Hunter: Rise has sold 10 miilion copies so far

As one of the most popular RPGs in recent years, Ori and the Will of the Wisps has been very successful in creating an immersive atmosphere. This time, CGDC has invited Chris McEntee, who has been working at Moon Studio for the past four years, to share how the developers have perfectly integrated the story, music, art style and combat into the Metroidvania style levels and made it immersive for the players.

Winner of the Best Original Video Game Score categoryWinner of the Best Original Video Game Score category

CGDC staff said that although the conference was forced to go online because of the pandemic, developers’ enthusiasm for sharing will not be “offline”. China's game industry has been gaining experience for more than 20 years, and the innovative power of the industry has made continuous development and progress. In addition to the innovation in gameplay, the game development companies are continuing to explore and deepen the road of transformation and development, promote the development of esports, expand the Metaverse field, and explore overseas markets with Chinese games; to create more economic, cultural and technological value will be the ultimate goal of Chinese games.

Source: ChinaJoy