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Featured Cosplay EP49: The Boys

By ChOzen
Jul. 11, 2022 updated 09:49


The Boys Season 3 came to a grand finale last week, and this chapter of boys battling the superheroes has come to an end. The TV series shows what the world would be like when sanctimonious corrupt "superheroes" created by Walt International are just tools for profit. 

The profound characterization of the characters and the outstanding performances of the actors have made the TV series a huge hit around the world. Today we have some fantastic The Boys cosplay for you. This is gonna be a Scorched Earf!

Homelander Cosplay

Homelander: nova_potrahashnikov

Source: Twitter

Homelander CosplayHomelander Cosplay

Starlight Cosplay

Starlight: TiffanyCosplay

Source: Twitter

Starlight CosplayStarlight Cosplay

Soldier Boy Cosplay

Soldier Boy: Grayson Fin

Source: Twitter

Soldier Boy CosplaySoldier Boy Cosplay

The Deep Cosplay

The Deep: Alvarez Cosplay

Starlight: LadyOichiChan

Source: Twitter

The Deep CosplayThe Deep Cosplay

Homelander Cosplay (Girl Version)

Homelander: Sam Syndulla

Source: Twitter

Homelander CosplayHomelander Cosplay

Queen Maeve Cosplay

Queen Maeve Cosplay

Source: Twitter

Queen Maeve CosplayQueen Maeve Cosplay