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Famous Chinese Speedrunner LostFeather Holds His Own Elden Ring SpeedRun Contest

By Cecil Gao
Jul. 18, 2022 updated 10:01

Lost Feather has created two different challenges for both newbies and experienced speedrunners. Challenge A requires players to start from the beginning and activate the bridge of the volcano manor in the game. Challenge A does not limit players’ choice of weapons and builds, but players cannot use glitches to finish the challenge. The top five fastest runners in the contest will receive 25% of the crowdfunding prize, as well as a series of Elden Ring peripherals, Xbox Elite controller, and other gaming devices.

Challenge B shares 75% of the total prize pool, and the rules are rather strict and difficult. In this challenging contest designed for professional runners, players need to defeat all the memory bosses in Elden Ring and finish the game, and every time defeats a boss, players need to replace a weapon that has never been used before. As a more difficult challenge, the top five fastest finishers will receive more valuable prizes and generous bonuses.

As of now, the contests have already started. If you are interested, check the link below for further rules and ways to sign up.

Contest detail