NARAKA will have NUNCHUCKS as a new weapon

Will it mean we can play as Bruce Lee?
By Johnson Ge
Nov. 30, 2021 updated 04:03

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT just released a promotional video showcasing Nunchucks as a new weapon. The video shows that the weapon is still a “work in progress,” and may still change by the time it releases.

The release date is not yet revealedThe release date is not yet revealed

Nunchucks, or Nunchaku, are exotic melee weapons. They were not very popular until Bruce Lee showed the world their potential. Since then Nunchucks have become an iconic Bruce Lee element.

In the preview, we can see that the Nunchucks can provide rapid attacks, along with features like super armor and the ability to parry both melee and ranged attacks in certain circumstances. The character also performs several moves with Bruce Lee style, maybe hinting that players could see Bruce Lee in the game, in some way, eventually.