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Vox Akuma Reaches 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

By Kay Kuo
Jul. 26, 2022 updated 09:10

Vox Akuma from Nijisanji EN has just hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube on July 24, making him the first member outside Japan to accomplish this achievement. He is also the fourth member getting 1 million subscribers in Nijisanji after Kuzuha, Kanae, and Salome.

Vox tweeted to celebrate the moment he had got 1 million subscribersVox tweeted to celebrate the moment he had got 1 million subscribers

Vox made the history of 1 million subscribers on July 23, but some fans quickly unsubscribed to make the number fall back. The teasing action made Vox plead, “you’re all very funny, but no, please! Give it back! I had it. It was so close.”

A handwritten letter by Vox to express thanksA handwritten letter by Vox to express thanks

To witness the moment he reaches 1 million, Vox started his 24-hours streaming on July 24. Once he achieved his goal, Vox couldn’t help expressing his excitement, “it’s days like this I remember why working this job is so worth it (and) why spending all that time and working that hard. I’m so glad that I reach anybody but this many people. Look at how huge that number is.”

Vox Akuma is a VTuber affiliated with Nijisanji EN’s fourth wave Luxiem, who debuted on December 20, 2021. He describes himself as a demon who can control others with his voice. The next VTuber in Nijisanji EN to achieve 1 million subscribers is probably Mysta Rias, another member from Luxiem, who has 822 thousand subscribers for now.