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Arknights' developer HyperGryph starts investing in China's indie game industry

By Cecil Gao
Jul. 26, 2022 updated 10:10

HyperGryph, the developer of Arknights, has recently invested in the leading Chinese indie game publisher Gamera Games, and the indie puzzle game studio YiTi, according to a piece of company information updated today.

As the developer of one of the most popular anime gacha mobile games in recent years, HyperGryph has been making several investments in animation, gaming, and even real estate industries since 2021. Not long ago, HyperGryph also invested in the upcoming Chinese RPG mobile game Mist Sequence. The game’s main producer and the current CEO of HyperGryph have both worked for the mobile game Girl's Frontline back in 2018.

Source: Tencent News