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Superpixel is a media organization that aims to provide fast and credible information for developers, publishers, and general gamers that are interested in China’s gaming industry

In the past few years, China has become one of the leading forces of innovation when it comes to video game development and marketing strategies. Cities like Shanghai and Chengdu are growing into creative hubs on par with LA and Montreal, and Chinese games like Genshin Impact and AFK arena are winning over players around the world.

The highly competitive and demanding nature of the games market has given birth to this new wave of incredible Chinese games. Players are willing to spend more time than money on games, and the ever-changing government policy and regulations also prove to be a big challenge. It’s astonishing to see how video game companies struggle to thrive, and there are so many stories and nuances to be shared.

We as a group of senior video game journalists that have years of experience and deep connections within the Chinese gaming industry founded Superpixel, to answer questions the world might have for the fast-growing Chinese gaming scene, and to provide a deep look into the belly of the beast.

We always welcome your feedback and suggestions through our website ticket system or send us an E-Mail to support@superpixel.com.

For business and inquiries, contact bd@superpixel.com.

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