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Genshin Impact Will Release New Event: Reminiscent Regimen

By Cecil Gao
Aug. 3, 2022 updated 09:15

HoYoverse announced the new co-op challenge event, Reminiscent Regimen, coming to the limited-time Golden Apple Archipelago area that opened with the 2.8 version. The event will begin at 10 AM on August 4th and last until 4 AM on August 15th.

The Reminiscent Regimen challenge has three themes: Descent, Raid and Convoy; each theme has two challenges, respectively, with a total of 6 levels. After the event launches, one level of challenge will be unlocked each day. Travelers can form their own teams or participate in the challenges through random matchmaking.

Each level has a unique challenge objective. After completing the challenge objective and reaching a certain score, you will receive rewards such as Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Mora. Players can check out the challenge goals for each level on the event detail page.

The Descent challenge requires the traveler to start from a platform high in the sky and fight their way downwards. The challenge can be completed by defeating all enemies on the floating platform and reaching the surface within the time limit.

The Raid challenge asks the traveler to drive the Waverider, quickly travel to the target area, board a floating platform and defeat all enemies within the time limit to complete the challenge.

The Convoy challenge requires the traveler to protect an automatically floating raft to the finish line within the time limit. Players can get more rewards if the raft is not destroyed and arrives at the end before time runs out.