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The Popular Mobile Game Dislyte Seemingly Vanished in China

By Cecil Gao
Aug. 4, 2022 updated 05:55

Players have discovered that Dislyte, the latest mobile game from renowned Chinese game publisher Lilith Games, has recently taken down the Chinese official registration websites and emptied all its Chinese social media accounts.

The official website has been shut downThe official website has been shut down

Dislyte tells the story of a future world where human’s technology and social systems were changed by the emergence of ancient gods' relics. A group of people called Espers have obtained part of the divine power belonging to the gods and become extremely powerful. There are also dangerous monsters created by the relics, Miramons, who almost destroyed the entire civilized world. And so, the story and war between Miramons, humans and the Espers begin. In the game, players need to collect Espers from different mythological systems, compile them into teams to fight with monsters and eventually rebuild human civilization. More than 12 gods from Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Norse mythologies have already appeared in the game.

Dislyte did very well when it was released overseas, with over 20 million USD of revenue in its first week. Some Chinese players suggested that the game is vanishing in Chinese regions because the Chinese name of the game (Similiar meaning to God Awakeners) could not pass the government's game license audit.

Source: NetEase