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Bilibili Applies For A Patent Allowing For Convenient and Accessible Virtual Avatars

By Kay Kuo
Aug. 9, 2022 updated 04:15

Bilibili announced a patent that allows users easy access to virtual avatars on July 29. The patent suggests the technique will mostly be applied to livestreaming.

Four steps to creating virtual avatars for streamingFour steps to creating virtual avatars for streaming

The announcement describes a program that would allow users to easily select a model to use as a digital avatar for streaming. The avatar is then rendered and loaded while the facial tracking software mimics the user's facial movements accurately. Finally, the avatar is added to the stream.

Currently, an avatar can require extensive work by a modeler/rigger as well as an artist, with users paying for these services. This technique will allow streamers who wish to have a virtual avatar to obtain and use a custom one much more easily.

Source: TianYanCha