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Genshin Impact Winning Big this 2021, on Everything

By Isabella Jiangcheng
Dec. 10, 2021 updated 06:08

Genshin Impact, the Anime Gacha RPG game developed by Shanghai-based studio miHoYo, is arguably one the most popular games in the world right now. And its status has been confirmed again by winning The Game Award 2021 the Best Mobile Game award against some fierce competition such as League of Legends: Wild Rift and Pokemon Unite.

TGA was not the only achievement Genshin Impact is packing home this year. Last week, the game's console version had won the PlayStation Partner Award and the 2021 Grand Award, proving the game's solid performance across platforms. And earlier this September, one year since the game's launch in 2020, Sensor Tower released a report that concluded Genshin Impact earning 2 billion USD on mobile platforms, making it the third highest grossing mobile game globally, only behind the juggernauts like Honour of Kings and PUBG Mobile. More surprisingly, more than 70% of the earnings came from the international market. This is an incredible achievement for a title that mainstream media once described as a game that 'came out of nowhere during the pandemic', and a strong signal for the industry on how Chinese developers are shifting their focuses from the domestic realm to the international market.

The fresh combination of open-world RPG and the gacha mechanics has made Genshin Impact addictively appealing for all gamers across the globe. The title was featured as the 6th most searchable item on Google's Year in Search 2021 chart under Games categories, standing side by side with some of the cult classics like Monster Hunter and Far Cry. Genshin Impact’s discord server is also the first ever to reach the 1-million-member cap. The mystical stories behind each cutesy anime character and the rapid updates packed with exciting new material have made the fans speculate non-stop on what will happen next. Genshin Impact subreddit was ranked as the most popular gaming community on Reddit this year. 

It will not be a surprise if Genshin Impact continues to win more awards or break more records in the last few days of December. It will be curious to see if Genshin Impact can keep its momentum in the upcoming 2022 and how its success has raised the bar of future mobile game development.