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Japanese Health Company Invites Gaming Influencers to Talk About Their Stiff Shoulders

Live broadcast on September 6 at 8 PM JPT
By Dan
Aug. 18, 2022 updated 12:00

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of PIP Elekiban, the world-famous pain relief patch, Japanese Health and Personal Care company PIP is hosting an online talk event series "Korinai Katariba" to encourage people with muscle stiffness to talk about their problems through their hobbies.

The third event, which will be broadcast on YouTube on September 6 at 8 PM JPT, will focus on “video games and stiff shoulders.” Popular gaming YouTubers Nanako and Mao will share stories of their own stiff shoulders on the air.

Poster for the Korinai Katariba live eventPoster for the Korinai Katariba live event

Source: 4Gamer

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