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NetEase Games' Total Revenue Up 15% Year-over-year

By Cecil Gao
Aug. 19, 2022 updated 12:45

NetEase today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2022, which ended on June 30. The net revenue for the second quarter was 23.2 billion RMB (3.4billion USD), up 12.8% year-over-year, with a net income of 4.666 billion RMB(696.7 million USD), according to the reports.

Net revenue from NetEase's Games was 18.1 billion RMB(2.58 billion USD), of which net revenue from online games was 16.8 billion RMB (2.4 billion USD).

What’s more, The Online Game Services Department has been renamed to Games and Related Value-Added Services since this quarter’s financial results. NetEase’s game streaming platform CC Live was also adjusted from Innovation Industries to Games and Related Value-Added Services.

Source: Weibo