The Symbiosis Between Games and Technology Becomes a Hot Issue at the China Game Industry Annual Conference

By Julius Chen
Dec. 16, 2021 updated 06:28

On December 15th, the China Game Industry Annual Conference 2021 Technology Symbiosis Forum hosted by the China Audio, Video and Digital Publishing Association and undertaken by GPC and Tencent Games, was successfully held in Guangzhou.

Representatives from Tencent Games, Shengqu Games, Qualcomm, and other companies, as well as experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, and other academic institutions, attended the forum. They came to share their ideas about the cooperation of games and technology on accelerating the development of the industry.

As one of the main events of the China Game Industry Annual Conference 2021, this forum aimed to show the innovation achievements of the game industry driven by science and technology. To imagine the new scenes created by scientific and technological progress, promote the cross-border communication between the game industry and chip development, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, and other fields, and jointly promote the integration of data and reality.

Zhang Yijun, First Vice President of the China Audio, Video and Digital Publishing Association and Committee Member of GPC, pointed out that China's game industry should adhere to independence and master core game technologies. Meanwhile, Chinese game studios should also focus on talent training and strengthen the integration of industry practices, academic research, and tech application.

Zhang Wei, Vice President of Tencent Interactive Entertainment, introduced Tencent's exploration in virtual humans, digital twins, and smart manufacturing, indicating that game is becoming a "super digital scene" with more possibilities. He believed that game companies need to work together to refresh their understanding of the nature of the game and continue to explore the greater value and possibilities of the game industry. 

In the forum, Yu Jiang, Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tan Yanfeng, Vice President of Shengqu Games, and Xu Heng, Senior Director in the product market department of Qualcomm Technology, expounded their thoughts and explorations on the symbiotic relationship between game and technology in the new era.

China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association, GPC, Tencent Games, NetEase Games, Perfect World, 37Games, and other enterprises jointly announced the establishment of the "China Game Social Value Research Center." The center will actively promote basic research in the social value of games and facilitate cross-industry exchanges and industry-university-research cooperation.