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Terraria to Become the First “Overwhelmingly Positive” Game on Steam with Over 1 Million Reviews

By Xueyang
Sep. 2, 2022 updated 03:50

Terraria has become the first game on Steam with more than 1 million player reviews and remained “Overwhelmingly Positive.”

As an iconic sandbox game that provides a freestyle game experience, Terraria has received 1,001,880 ratings and 795,980 reviews, of which 97.9% were positive

Though Terraria was a 2011-released game, it is still popular among gamers worldwide in the present day. On May 30th, Terraria was listed 9th  in the game sales chart with a total sales of 44.5 million copies, with 23 million copies on PC, 9.1 million on consoles, and 12.4 million on mobile.

Shelter in TerrariaShelter in Terraria

Terraria has been known for its free gameplay style and diverse content. Instead of a clear goal, players will need to decide what they want to do by themselves. Players can dig and collect different materials, build shelters and protect it by defeating various enemies from the outside. Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game.