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Arknights Collaborates With Chinese Animation The Legend Of Luo Xiaohei

By Kay Kuo
Sep. 11, 2022 updated 10:00

Today, the hit Chinese mobile game Arknights announced its collaboration with classic Chinese animation The Legend of Luo Xiaohei.

The Legend of Luo Xiaohei is a popular animated series that was first broadcast in 2011 as a flash animation and continues until today. The story is set in a world where people, spirits, and gods live together. The hero, Luo Xiaohei, is a black cat spirit adopted by a human girl, Luo Xiaobai, when he is badly injured. The cat and girl soon become good friends and begin their adventure.

The collaboration includes a new event, a four-star character Luo Xiaohei in Arknights. Arknights also release two new outfits for Suzuran and RockRock, with Luo Xiaohei appearing in the background.

New outfits for Suzuran and RockRockNew outfits for Suzuran and RockRock

Meanwhile, Arknights released a trailer for the collaboration. The video shows that Luo Xiaohei and Luo Xiaobai are accidentally involved in the Arknights world because of the space disorder when chasing a monster from the Arknights world.

Arknights is a strategic RPG game developed by HyperGryph and published by Yostar. In the game, players act as the key members of a pharmaceutical company, Rhodes Island, which aims to cure a deadly infection across the continent. Players have lost their memories in an accident, and to treat the infected patients and jog memories, they need to recruit characters and adventure in the unknown world.

Source: Weibo