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Check Out These Awesome Game Themed Moon Cake Gift Boxes

By ChOzen
Sep. 10, 2022 updated 10:00

Mid-Autumn Festival in China means reunion and happiness. Game companies also give mooncake gift boxes to their business partners during the Mid-Autumn Festival, many of which are very elaborate and interesting. 

For fans of their games, these gift boxes could be very rare and interesting collectables. We here at Superpixel find our way to a few of these gift boxes to share with our readers and friends, with our best wishes for your happy mid-autumn festival!



Mooncakes and themed acrylic stand.


Mooncakes and a hand-pulled grocery cart?

Steam China

Mooncakes, badges, and card covers.

Leiting Games

Mooncakes and a bottle of rice wine.

Blizzard China

Mooncakes and a themed acrylic light.


Cute mooncakes.

Identity V (NetEase)

Identity V-themed mooncakes.


Mooncakes and a small tea set.


Mooncakes and a coffee cup.

Mooncakes and a coffee cup

World of Warcraft (Blizzard China)

Mooncakes, talisman and acrylic box.

XD Games & Tap Tap

Mooncakes and trinkets.

The Scroll Of Taiwu

Mooncakes, a neck pillow, a littele cup and an eye mask.

Perfect World

A cool board game.

37 Games

Mooncakes and a tin of spicies.


Mooncakes, face masks and small figures.