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Chess Player Accused of Cheating with a Sex Toy

By Xueyang
Sep. 21, 2022 updated 05:45

One of the biggest scandals in chess in recent years involves artificial intelligence and sex toy.

Last week, former world champion Magnus Carlsen (age 31) lost to Hans Niemann (age 19). Carlsen withdrew from the tournament immediately after the loss and tweeted with the famous “If I speak I am in big trouble” quote from Coach Mourinho.

Chess enthusiasts suspect the tournament has some backstage issues. Meanwhile, Neiman's history of cheating isn’t helping him in this case, either.

People are accusing Hans Niemann of having a sex-toy-shaped AlphaGo in his ass and taking advantage of the AI.

In a later interview with Daily Mail, Niemann denied cheating and expressed that he would be glad to have a rematch in total nudity if that could prove his innocence.

Source: Twitter