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GameStop is Trying to Get Rid of Babylon’s Fall

By Xueyang
Sep. 22, 2022 updated 07:20

In our previous article, Babylon’s Fall Will Shut Down Its Game Service in February 2023, we discussed this PS5 game’s remaining operation time. Babylon’s Fall will be terminated in less than six months.

With a short life cycle of merely 12 months, the live-service RPG game developed by PlatinumGames is considered a bitter flop - not only for players but also vendors.

With the official termination notice, Babylon’s Fall has become so valueless that GameStop is removing it from its stores.

As a matter of fact, some players tried asking the staff for a free copy, and it worked:

After all, it probably won’t hurt to keep a copy in one’s game collections before the whole game goes back into the void.

Source: Twitter