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Robbie Coltrane, the Beloved Hagrid in Harry Potter Franchise, Dies at 72

RIP Hagrid
By Xueyang
Oct. 15, 2022 updated 08:16

A piece of heart-breaking news for Harry Potter fans: Robbie Coltrane, who played the beloved half-giant Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter franchise, dies (October 14, 2022) at 72 years old.

Robbie ColtraneRobbie Coltrane

Anthony Robert McMillan OBE, known professionally as Robbie Coltrane, was a Scottish actor and comedian.

In his acting career, Robbie Coltrane has played in Harry Potter, James Bond, and Cracker. He gained worldwide fame and acclaim for his heartwarming performance and onscreen relationship with Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter.

Prior to his death, the famous actor has been in ill health for two years.

R.I.P Robbie Coltrane.

Source: BBC