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Featured Cosplay EP84: Honor of Kings

By Kao Yu
Oct. 19, 2022 updated 11:00

Honor of Kings is definitely THE game for Chinese players, entertaining fans with the consistent high-quality updates and marvelous art design, and maintained a money-making machine for Tencent over the years. The game is now testing in Mexico and will soon meet player around the globe.

Today we have some beautiful Hornor of Kings cosplay for you

Honor of Kings Cosplay 1

Source: 布谷鸟bugubugu on Weibo

Honor of Kings Cosplay 2

Source: 阿翅啊Kuso on Weibo

Honor of Kings Cosplay 3

Source:  人中聋疯许陌蓁 on Weibo

Honor of Kings CosplayHonor of Kings Cosplay

Honor of Kings Cosplay 4

Source: 倾涩大可爱 on Weibo