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Disco Elysium Creator Robert Kurvitz Starts a Lawsuit Against ZA/UM

By Xueyang
Oct. 24, 2022 updated 03:35

Earlier this month (October 2022), rumors had it that some Disco Elysium core developers have "involuntarily" left studio ZA/UM, including high-profile members writer and designer Robert Kurvitz, co-writer Helen Hindpere, and lead artist Aleksander Rostov.

Now, a new Estonian court listing reveals a lawsuit filed against studio ZA/UM for undisclosed reasons.

The lawsuit was seemingly confirmed to be legitimate by Martin Luiga, another Disco Elysium developer, as he retweeted a report regarding this lawsuit on his Twitter page:

At this time being, it's hard to determine the initials behind the lawsuit, nor to tell if it will be made public in the future.

Maybe we will be kept waiting for a while before the second Disco Elysium comes around.

Source: Twitter