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Microsoft Exploring Chinese Game Market to Confront Sony

The two giants going toe to toe
By Xueyang
Oct. 28, 2022 updated 05:01

Microsoft regrets letting Genshin Impact go to SonyMicrosoft regrets letting Genshin Impact go to Sony

Microsoft is stocking up on Chinese video game content since Sony had huge success with Genshin Impact.

This multi-player role-playing game from HoYoverse has made a fortune since its release. It raised the bar for this type of game. The attention that Chinese games have drawn recently shows the development of this industry in China.

Genshin Impact x Aloy CrossoverGenshin Impact x Aloy Crossover

At the same time, filings showed Microsoft is expanding its subscription service to personal computers and handheld devices, increasing the appeal of Chinese developers such as HoyoVerse which has developed a reputation for multi-player, cross-platform compatibility - with Genshin Impact being a prime example.

Some sources said that Microsoft has been building a team to seek indie Chinese games. Microsoft is also expanding its subscription service to PC (XGP) and mobiles to increase cross-platform compatibility.

Source: Reuters