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My Time at Sandrock x Party Animals Collaboration Brings Puppy Nemo to the Game

By Xueyang
Oct. 29, 2022 updated 11:00

Two popular games are collaborating as My Time at Sandrock is having a crossover with Party Animals to bring the dog Nemo to Sandrock.

After the latest update, My Time at Sandrock will have a pet system that will allow you to adopt the dog Nemo from Party Animals.

Other features include:

  • Added showroom functionality, allowing you to view the showroom in the home edit mode
  • Added a new ability to combine furniture, machines, and soils and move them together.
  • Added the pet system and the ability to interact with animals in Sandrock
  • Added interaction system. It'll unlock when you become friends
  • Added the reply function. You will be prompted if mail can be replied to
  • Added Tour de Rock
  • Added two-person sledding game/date activity
  • Added three new fish in the desert area
  • Added a set of house customization styles and appearances

Source: Weibo