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Featured Cosplay EP88: Halloween Special

By ChOzen
Oct. 31, 2022 updated 05:00

Happy Halloween! Have you dressed up in your nice costume and ready for some eye candies? 

Today, we have lots of special Halloween cosplays for you! Knock knock. Treat, or trick?

EVA | Asuka Langley Soryu

Cosplayer: 阿凡仙仙usagi

Source: Weibo

Genshin Impact | Lisa

Cosplayer: 茜茜在减肥了

Source: Weibo

Azur Lane | Royal Fortune

Cosplayer: yume梦梦子_

Source: Weibo

Fate/Grand Order | Mash Kyrielight

Cosplayer: Ho_biiibo

Source: Weibo

Fate/Grand Order | Ibaraki Douji

Cosplayer: -PapaBigDevil- 

Source: Weibo

Silent Hill | Nurse

Cosplayer: 景爷淡定地说

Source: Weibo

Re:Life in a different world from zero | Rem & Ram

Cosplayer: 北决 & 乔乔

Source: Weibo

Katekyo Hitman Reborn | Daisy

Cosplayer: O小P_Adagio 

Source: Weibo