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Man Destroyed His Own House Just to Chop a Tree in Minecraft

By Cecil Gao
Nov. 16, 2022 updated 05:55

Recently, YouTuber Teenenggr created a set of “resource collection” tools that allows him to control his in-game Minecraft character using real-life tools and actions.

The initial goal of surviving in Minecraft is to chop trees. In a video Teenenggr posted, he started by finding the woods in-game and then began swinging an axe at the board on his desk.

Soon, the board had been scarred, and the wood chips flew everywhere

Creating the resource collection tools was actually not complicated: Teenenggr tied a vibration sensor to the tools and then wrote some code to link the action with Minecraft so that each swing got its own feedback in the game.

Teenenggr also installed a counter for this set of tools to record how many times he had swung the axe, and according to the counter, he must swing at least 70 times to chop a tree down.

Teenenggr also tried mining with a pickaxe. However, the pickaxe did not perform well on the wooden board since the tip of it often became lodged in the board.

He then chose to start ‘mining’ the wall of his house, and the process was much smoother.

After that Teenenggr still seemed unsatisfied; after all, it would take far more effort to chop a real tree with an axe. By modifying the code, he adjusted the sensor of the axe to more than twice the original, giving himself a survival mode IRL.

In fact, this is not the first time Teenenggr has tried to make the game much more immersive. He used an industrial motor's vibration to simulate a firearm's recoil, eventually making his monitor fall off the table.

Although Teenenggr's Minecraft survival challenge didn’t even last a day, if he continues as he has, his table, walls and neighbors are in for a tough time.

Source: YouTube