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The Top Ranked Minecraft Speedrunner Banned For Alleged Cheating

By Johnson Ge
Nov. 17, 2022 updated 05:15

Recently, a current Minecraft speedrunner and record holder has had their record called into question. MinecrAvenger, the speedrunner, has been accused of cheating in their speed runs with evidence collected by multiple people over the past two years.

A Minecraft speedrun usually starts from a newly generated world and ends when the player defeats the final boss. In most runs, the world and some other elements are highly randomized, and a lucky runner may have a boost at the start. It is common for speedrunners to reset their run immediately after finding the first chest if the items inside are not ideal.

MinecrAvenger was in the Top 1 and 2 of multiple speedrun rankings on Some of their records have remained unbroken over the past two years since MinecrAvenger was not only skillful but also super lucky. It was this luck that made some people suspect it might be something besides pure luck behind his runs.

For example, in one of MinecrAvenger’s runs, they got 769 obsidian from 290 chests, a feat with odds of 1 in 28 billion. And that was not the only lucky run made by MinecrAvenger. Years ago, Dream, another popular speedrunner, was suspected and confirmed to have cheated due to an extremely high item drop rate.

On November 9th, a video named "The Biggest Cheater in Speedrunning History was finally caught" was uploaded to YouTube. The video listed multiple pieces of evidence found by other players trying to prove that MinecrAvenger was using a modified game or hack tools for their speedruns. According to the video, some of the evidence took them two years to find. The evidence includes extensive testing to prove that the item combinations found in their chests were not possible without modification of the base game.

Later on, MinecrAvenger tweeted they were banned from When asked how many world records they cheated. MinecrAvenger replied with a Meme saying, "the answer is 'zero!'".

Source: YouTube