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NetEase Invests in PlayPulse, a Gaming Fitness Bike

By Xueyang
Nov. 19, 2022 updated 10:15

The PlayPulse One Exercise Bike
The PlayPulse One Exercise Bike

The Norwegian fitness gaming startup PlayPulse announced recently that they have received funding from NetEase.

The size of the investment was not disclosed to the public.

The investment will be used by PlayPulse to launch its first experimental product, the PlayPulse One exercise bike, in early 2023.

The PlayPulse One exercise bike will be sold starting at 1,600 USD for those who pre-ordered the product and will include a built-in touchscreen monitor and game controls in the handlebars.

In addition, according to PlayPulse's official website, there are currently three games in preparation, but they also promise a "wide variety of games" in the future.

“We are extremely excited to have NetEase Games as an investor and partner in the years to come,” said PlayPulse CEO Erling Magnus Solheim.

Source: NewsABC