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AI Can Now Compose For Video Games, According to Microsoft’s New Patent

By Cecil Gao
Nov. 23, 2022 updated 08:45

Microsoft recently filed a patent on the WIPO IP portal titled "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MODELS FOR COMPOSING AUDIO SCORES", 

an artificial intelligence composing technology that provides sound effects, music, and voiceover for a variety of media content like movies, reality shows, games and even live recordings.

The abstract also mentions dynamic moments featured in  games, where music and sound effects will switch instantly with the player's actions, and the patent can use visual, audio, and text as adjustable parameters to instruct the AI to compose music.

Microsoft envisioned many scenarios in the abstract, such as an epic orchestral piece for a hero's entrance, a melancholy tune for a pet, or creating more realistic sound effects for explosions and gunfire.

Players are no strangers to sudden changes in game music or sound effects, but most of them are fixed audio segments edited manually that play after the player triggers certain conditions. The effects Microsoft’s new patent can achieve are obviously more dreamy because it can create its own sound effects according to the different actions done by players, which offers a unique game experience for everyone.

Not coincidentally, last month, Activision Blizzard also filed a patent for its own system that can dynamically generate music. The patent has been applied for multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, where the AI can generate sound effects and dynamically adjust them based on specific player actions and game events to make the game more intense.