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Migos Rapper Takeoff Fans Held a Funeral for Him In GTA V

By Xueyang
Nov. 25, 2022 updated 03:25

The legendary Migos rapper Takeoff was shot dead in Houston on November 1. According to law enforcement, five shots were fired either in his head or near his head, and Takeoff was pronounced dead at the scene.

The devastating news broke everybody's heart. As Takeoff's personal friends, lots of celebrities openly expressed their grief, including NBA superstar LeBron James, Trae Young, Justin Bieber, etc. Drake also postponed his Apollo live show out of respect for Takeoff's funeral.

Postpone announcement from Drake
The announcement from Drake

Video game players also had their own way of mourning. After the obituary was disclosed, GTA V players quickly baned together and hosted a grand funeral for the rap legend. Other participating players wore all-white outfits to attend the church service before they all changed to their all-black "house party" attire once the service ended.

Takeoff's funeral in GTA VTakeoff's funeral in GTA V

Even the traffic law was followed all-time under a strict rule, which was unbelievable in the GTA franchise.

It's not rare to see gamers hold funerals for their favorite celebrities or even close friends in-game. For all of GTA's most controversial moments, it's stuff like these that make the franchise truly special.