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Four Gaming Phones Are Entering the Market in a Short Span, Stirring Up Competition

By Dingyu
Feb. 18, 2022 updated 04:43

This February is a busy month for gaming phones.

Redmi K50 eSport was made in collaboration with Mercedes AMG F1 team. The Red Magic 7 Pro is announcing the first gaming phone with an Under Display Camera, front-facing camera. Legion Y90 integrated a dramatic dual-fan cooling system. BlackShark 5 hasn’t revealed much yet, and no launch date has been confirmed yet.

The Redmi K50 eSport greatly improved its charging capability, allowing gamers to fast charge even when playing games, unlike any other 100w charging phone, which can only reach the peak charging rate while the screen is locked. It also features a one-of-a-kind quad-speaker system. The K50 eSport has already launched at 3299-4199 ($520-660), and so far, it’s a China exclusive.

Legion Y90 features a 68w charging rate, which is common among gaming phones, but cooling is where it shines. 

Beneath the Dual-fan cooling is a huge vapor chamber and multiple layers of heat distribution material, Legion claims that this will give the phone an extra 4 watts of performance.

The form factor is symmetrically designed, a great decision when considering how we hold the phone during gaming. The processor is placed in the middle right where the fan is to maximize the cooling.

The Red Magic 7 Pro is a sub-brand of ZTE, and they are proud to be the first company to mass-produce Under Display Cameras and the Red Magic 7 Pro is the first gaming phone to feature this technology. This means you get a perfect screen without disruption, with no punch hole and notch.

The Red Magic 3 was the first phone ever to have a fan, and the Red Magic 7 Pro continues that tradition. Its 135w charging makes it the fastest among all these phones.

Here’s a detailed specification list for the three announced phones: