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7 Essential Liyue Attractions, Recommended by Zhongli

By Reon Zhang
Mar. 2, 2022 updated 03:45

There was an easter egg that many players might have missed during the previous Lantern Rite. Zhongli wandered around Liyue and showed up in different areas each day, telling interesting stories behind the scenery and attractions.

Here’s a list of all the beautiful Liyue locations Zhongli has been to. You won’t find him there the next time you visit, but it’s always nice to know how these beautiful sights also wow Zhongli.

Liyue Harbor storyteller: There are many shops along the Chihu Rock, but Iron Tongue Tian's stall is the one that stands out. Despite its simple layout, this is still the place where Zhongli normally hangs out. Besides, The Iron Tongue Tian is also Morax’s biggest fan. Zhongli said he likes to listen to stories, but he probably enjoyed hearing others discuss his tales more.

Blacksmith Shop: On the second day of the Lantern Rite, Zhongli appeared at the Hanfeng's Ironmongers in Liyue harbor, the only century-old shop in Liyue. Why is Zhongli so fond of a blacksmith shop? He also happens to be an expert in forging weapons, and the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear was made by Zhongli himself so that Xiao could eliminate a fearful beast.

Wanwen Bookhouse: Zhongli appeared by the Wanwen Bookhouse, the largest bookstore in Liyue, on the third day. In ancient times, the people of Liyue ground paper pulp, making it into paper and binding it together to make a book. Besides listening to stories, Zhongli's other great passion is reading books.

In the same way, travelers can also buy books on different subjects and genres at the Wanwen Bookhouse, such as the fantasy novel "Rex Incognito". It tells the story of Morax, the emperor, who travels the world in the guise of a mortal. A book that even Zhongli himself has read. "It was refreshing to read as if I was looking at someone else's life." -- so commented the God of Contracts.

Wangshu Inn: On the fourth day of the Lantern Rite, the first thing travelers see when they pass through the stone gate is the WangShu Inn perched on an ancient tree. In Liyue, this inn is a sanctuary for lovers to meet and enjoy the moon and is home to an extraordinary chef who was the runner-up in the Liyue Masterful Chefs Competition.

In addition, Wangshu Inn has another hidden role: a guard tower for Liyue. It is located on the main road of Liyue, with an excellent view of the area, and is watched not only by agents from Liyue’s Qixing but also the stronghold of the vigilant yaksha Xiao. It is heard that his favorite food is the Almond Tofu at the Wangshu Inn. Travelers may give it a try if having the chance.

Dihua Marsh: Further along the road from the Wangshu Inn is the Dihua Marsh, rich in horsetail, a specialty of Liyue, and is also a gathering place for frogs and lotus seeds, as the terrain is flat and near water.

It is also the main route from Mondstadt to Liyue by land, so merchants often stop here. Although it looks vibrant, it was also a famous battlefield in ancient times, and in the story teaser of Xiao, the Anemo Archon of Mondstadt used to play his flute here and saved Xiao in his time of need, as he was being consumed by hatred.

Jueyun Karst: On the fifth day, Zhongli arrived at Jueyun Karst, which is rumored to be the hidden residence of the immortal guardian of the Liyue, surrounded by clouds all year round and difficult to reach for outsiders. At the highest point within Jueyun Karst floats a hidden pavilion built by the Adeptus, Cloud Retainer, who excelled in mechanics and is one of Morax's allies. If you climb up this pavilion for the first time, you will also find the only five-star recipe in the game, "Adeptus' Temptation".

Qingce Village: Compared to the busy Liyue harbor, Qingce village in the far north of Liyue is much quieter. The village's inhabitants are mostly older people and children. There are many terraces, bamboo shoots and full-grown bamboo nearby. Bamboo shoots are an ingredient for his special dish, "Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup". Zhongli probably came here to gather cooking ingredients. After all, eating good food is also one of his hobbies.

Liyue harbor: On the last day of the Lantern Rite, Zhongli returned to the city he had built with his own hands, Liyue harbor. As the largest harbor in Teyvat, it is also known as the "city where a thousand ships drop anchor". Every Lantern Rite, people fly lanterns to pray for good weather in the coming year. As a result, nights during Lantern Rite become a must-see attraction in Liyue.

You might have noticed we mentioned eight locations instead of seven. You actually couldn't see Zhongli at Dihua Marsh, but this beautiful place is too good to miss. Liyue is such an extraordinary continent; at the end of Zhongli's journey, he summarizes Liyue with a tinge of emotion, perfectly concluding our thoughts too.

Contributed by Nian "Innovation" Weihong