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5 Genshin Enemies Mde Into Wish Pools by Chinese Players

By Reon Zhang
Mar. 7, 2022 updated 03:10

While you're still saving up Primogem for your upcoming event wish, Chinese Genshin players are already designing new wish pools called "Genma"(原魔).

Many people are creating a "powerful enemy" themed character pool in the Chinese player community. Although these are just memes created by imaginative players, they do reflect some extent the strength and popularity of the different bosses in the game.

No.1 Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun bannerRaiden Shogun banner

As a new boss in version 2.5, Raiden Shogun has a very high amount of HP and ATK and comes with the only spike skill in the game, so if you are not familiar with her attack pattern, you will probably fall down a lot. But the main reason for Raiden Shogun's popularity isn't strength; it's appearance.

It's clearly a "Susanoo".It's clearly a "Susanoo".

As a boss, Raiden Shogun has changed not only her clothes, but also her exoskeleton armour made of energy, the LONG blade making her a threatening challenge for players on their adventures.

NO.2 Abyssal Flames

Abyssal Flames’ bannerAbyssal Flames’ banner

Also new in 2.5, the Abyssal Flames ATK was not underestimated. In addition to stacking fire elemental attachments on players, its skills will also reduce the character's HP in the short term. A healing support in your team would make it much easier to fight against it.

Abyssal Flames’ dialogueAbyssal Flames’ dialogue

Although seemingly very powerful, the Abyssal Flames is a real comedian in the plot, even begging the player for mercy in battle.

From what we've seen so far, it seems that this monster named "Enjou" has a particular fondness for the protagonist. We can look forward to waiting for further updates.

No.3 Azhdaha

The Azhdaha bannerThe Azhdaha banner

The Azhdaha ranks among the top enemies in the game in terms of damage, attack range, and HP, and it can freely switch elemental attributes during the battle, making the entire boss battle much more difficult.

Many people are impressed by this character, who was once ZhongLi's best friend but eventually turned against him thanks to his excellent performance in the second chapter of ZhongLi's personal quest "No Mere Stone".

No.4 La Signora

As the No. 8 of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, she can master the skills of both ice and fire. Although the boss battle was quite tricky, she was defeated by the protagonist in the plot and died by the slash of Raiden Shogun, which shows the huge gap between the strength of humans and gods.


Although she is a villain in the plot, she has high popularity among players, probably because - she has something really great above her abdomen.

No.5 Madame Ping

kind Madame Pingkind Madame Ping

Madame Ping is a very special character among Chinese player community. She is not an enemy and cannot be fought in the storyline, but she is the character that Chinese players want to add to their wish pools, so much so that people have even made an exclusive event banner of her.

In the plot, she is the immortal who guards Liyue and is also the grandmaster of Liyue's cook, Xiangling. She gives the player the Serenitea Pot in the middle of the game and is the most personal Adepti.