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Eggy Party Went Viral During the Holiday, Especially Among Young Women and Girls

By Weilin Li
Feb. 7, 2023 updated 02:25

Eggy Party, a mobile party game developed by NetEase Games, became surprisingly trendy during the Year of the Rabbit holiday, as the game topped the App Store list for free games and ranked second place on one of the TapTap lists.

The biggest feature of this new trend is that this competitive multiplayer obstacle course game, with a gameplay similar to Fall Guys, is especially well-received by young female Chinese players, from primary school students to college graduates.

Screenshots of NetEase’s Eggy PartyScreenshots of NetEase’s Eggy Party

According to the app data platform, from January 8th to February 6th, Eggy Party occupied the top spot on the App Store list for free games. The game’s App Store downloads also surpassed 110,000 on February 5th. On Chinese TikTok and social media Red, many players are talking about it with guides and screenshots.

In the game, players will go through various obstacles and strive to become the last Eggy standing. Players will meet obstacles that freeze, shock and blow them up. The traps include lifting doors, rotating fans, flipping floors, etc. The game features a toy style, and players can use currency they earn or buy within the game to purchase outfits and other cosmetics through randomized “toy boxes”.

Eggy Workshop in mobile party game Eggy PartyEggy Workshop in mobile party game Eggy Party

The game also has a function called Eggy Workshop which allows players to modify or create maps/levels, adding more to the replayability and appeal.

Eggy Party was released on May 27th last year but has been relatively quiet in the market after that.

Some analysts said that for female players, Eggy Party’s colorful art style and rich levels and maps explained why the game gained so much popularity among the demographic.

Recently, the popular Honor of Kings streamer “甜甜珂”(Sweety Ke) also streamed Eggy Party with her close friends. Many found her antics while playing the game entertaining, and it brought a spotlight to the game, likely responsible, in part, to its sudden rise in popularity.

A screenshot of “甜甜珂”(Sweety Ke)’s streaming for Eggy PartyA screenshot of “甜甜珂”(Sweety Ke)’s streaming for Eggy Party

With straightforward mechanics and low skill requirements, Eggy Party enables all types of players to enjoy the game, indulge in their creativity and build relationships with friends, contributing to the game's popularity.