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Yes, ChatGPT CAN Give Out Some Proper Relationship Advice

By Xueyang
Mar. 10, 2023 updated 05:18

Navigating through the dialogue options in Persona 5 can be a challenge, especially when trying to convince a hostile persona to join the protagonist's side. These dialogue options can be random and confusing, and most players need some good luck or a cheat sheet to succeed. However, a Chinese player on Bilibili recently made a video where they used the popular AI ChatGPT to help them navigate through these options, and it worked surprisingly well.

With some tuning from a Chinese player, the AI ChatGPT was able to provide the player with convincing responses that helped them successfully recruit the hostile personas. The video has gained attention online, with many gamers impressed by the AI's ability to navigate through the game's complex dialogue options.

Source: YouTube