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Bilibili Considers Canceling the Display of Front-End Playback Data

By Xueyang
Mar. 13, 2023 updated 05:50


On March 11th, Bilibili is reported to be considering canceling the display of front-end playback data and instead measuring the spread of videos based on "user consumption time" (rather than completion rate), to encourage the Production of High-Quality Medium and Long-Form Content

According to Bilibili, this change will match the corresponding recommendation algorithm, encourage the production of high-quality medium and long-form content, and potentially weaken the weight of short videos. It is rumored that the front-end and back-end of the relevant changes have been developed.

In the past, although there were bullet screens and "triple likes" (一键三连) data to measure the quality of the manuscript, the playback volume in Bilibili's external display data is still a very important element.

Source: Weibo