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Nintendo's Next Console: A "Super Switch" Between Switch Pro and Switch 2?

By Xueyang
Mar. 13, 2023 updated 11:05

Nintendo's next game console may not be a successor to the NS, but may be a console between the "Switch Pro" and "Switch 2".

Industry-famous leaker Jeff Grubb said on an online podcast that Nintendo's next game console may be between the "Switch Pro" and the successor model, continuing the NS generation.

Rendering image of Super SwitchRendering image of Super Switch

Grubb clarified in the program that the new console will definitely have hardware upgrades. According to him, its positioning is similar to the "Super Switch", which is definitely bigger than the progress of GBC to GB. He said that there are many subscription members on Nintendo Online, and the company currently does not want to disrupt its development momentum. They have previously revealed such ideas in financial reports.

There have also been rumors that Nintendo is optimizing "Pokemon: Red/Purple" for the new model, and the second DLC of the game will be released simultaneously with the new model in 2024.

Source: Twitch