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Hearthstone Gets Removed From Asian Games 2023 Esports Program

By Xueyang
Mar. 17, 2023 updated 01:05

Hearthstone Gets Removed From Asian Games 2023 Esports ProgramHearthstone Gets Removed From Asian Games 2023 Esports Program

According to the project setting procedure of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Olympic Council of Asia confirmed in November 2021 that eight esports events will be held at the Asian Games 2023 esports program, also known as the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Esports is an emerging sport, and the requirements for holding competitions are different from those of traditional sports. In recent years, under the close cooperation and support of all parties, the Organizing Committee has continuously optimized the conditions required for esports competitions in strict accordance with relevant requirements.

"Hearthstone" is an esports project produced by American company Blizzard Entertainment and operated by Chinese company NetEase in China. Due to the expiration of the commercial cooperation between the two parties and failure to reach an agreement on the renewal of the contract, the operation team and servers of the project are in a suspended state and do not meet the prerequisites for being included in the esports events of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

On March 16, the Olympic Council of Asia's fifth Coordination Committee meeting decided to cancel the "Hearthstone" project, and there will be seven esports events at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Source: Weibo