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Blizzard Veterans Are Starting a New Studio

By Xueyang
Mar. 17, 2023 updated 02:18

Former Blizzard President J. Allen Brack, former Blizzard Co-leader Jen Oneal, and other senior game developers have announced the establishment of a new game development studio called Magic Soup Games. The studio will be completely remote-based.

Magic Soup GamesMagic Soup Games

Magic Soup Games is a new game development studio founded by three former senior game designers from Blizzard. Two of the three founders have worked at Activision Blizzard for decades. J. Allen Brack worked at Blizzard for over 15 years and was the President of Blizzard for the last three years, departing in August 2021. Jen Oneal worked at Blizzard for nearly 20 years and took over as Co-Leader after J. Allen Brack resigned. John Donham joined Blizzard in August 2019 and served as Vice President of Special Projects until September 2020. He then moved to Amazon.

It is reported that Jen Oneal will serve as CEO of the new studio, J. Allen Brack will lead game development, and John Donham will be in charge of operations. They will establish a studio dedicated to creating games that bring people together and build new relationships. The team stated, "Our desire is to create games that are good for your soul and make you feel good, like a hearty soup."

The genre of Magic Soup Games' first work has not yet been disclosed, but J. Allen Brack told foreign media VentureBeat that the studio aims to create AAA games with positive themes and will collaborate with developers who have a deep understanding and enjoyment of games.

Source: GNN