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Elden Ring Releases Infographic on 1-Year Anniversary

By Xueyang
Mar. 21, 2023 updated 07:41

On Elden Ring's 1 Year Anniversary, the game compiled a set of exciting game stats from the past years from players and fans worldwide and generated an infographic, including stats around many of Elden Ring's most iconic and challenging bosses.

Elden Ring InfographicElden Ring Infographic

The stats reflect the fact that Elden Ring is nowhere close to a casual game, but needs time and effort to master. However, as challenging as it is, fans have dedicated their passion and love to Elden RIng.

For those who persevere and hone their craft, they understand that victory is the sweetest revenge! Wear your battle scars with pride, and long live the Elden Lords!​

Source: Bandai Namco