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Featured Cosplay EP119: Atelier Ryza

By Kao Yu
Mar. 22, 2023 updated 04:05

“Great news! Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is getting an animated adaptation! The series is planned to air in Japan in summer 2023 and will feature the game’s main voice cast reprising their roles. This is sure to be an exciting and fun way to experience the world of Atelier Ryza again!”

Enjoy today's Atelier Ryza cosplay!

Atelier Ryza cosplay 1

Source: shiro希若 on Weibo

Atelier Ryza cosplayAtelier Ryza cosplay

Atelier Ryza cosplay 2

Source: 外星嫣子_Yan on Weibo

Atelier Ryza cosplay 3

Source: akuma-恶魔-devil on Weibo

Atelier Ryza cosplay 4

Source: GAKI醬w on Weibo

Atelier Ryza CosplayAtelier Ryza Cosplay