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DO NOT Try to Recreate Mario Kart in the Fortnite Editor

By Xueyang
Mar. 28, 2023 updated 04:06

UEFN InterfaceUEFN Interface

Epic Games has issued a warning to creators using its new Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) toolset to avoid copyright violations. The company has threatened permanent bans for creators who post violating content on social media or create violating content in UEFN, even if they have no intention of publishing it in Fortnite.

Epic emphasized that all content in Fortnite must adhere to the game's rating, intellectual property, and DMCA guidelines. The UEFN toolset provides creators with a wide range of tools to make custom Fortnite experiences, but Epic wants to prevent any legal disputes that could arise from violating other people's intellectual property.

The company has set boundaries for creators recreating Fortnite history and reminded them that using anyone's intellectual property without permission is a violation of Epic's rules. Epic's IP and DMCA guidelines page for Fortnite creators states that the company will put strikes on accounts for every instance of IP infringement that is not resolved in favor of the creator, and it is unclear how many strikes are needed to receive a permanent ban.

Epic's warning has caused concern among creators, as some have already published experiences replicating maps from Fortnite's first chapter, which ended in 2019. Despite the warning, Epic is allowing creators to recreate maps from that chapter, but they cannot be monetized.

Source: The Verge