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Shanghai Xingxiao Network Accuses Nijineko Account Owner of Copyright Infringement in Blue Archive

By Xueyang
Apr. 7, 2023 updated 07:52

Blue ArchiveBlue Archive

Shanghai Xingxiao Network, which recently obtained the exclusive distribution rights for "Blue Archive" in China, issued a statement on April 6 stating that the owner of the "Nijineko" account used illegal means to disassemble game resource packages and illegally disseminated them on GitHub, which constituted copyright infringement.

Shanghai Xingxiao Network's AnnouncementShanghai Xingxiao Network's Official Letter

Xingxiao Network urges the owner of the account to delete all information and opinion on public affairs regarding Blue Archive on GitHub within two weekdays after receiving the official letter, and to promise not to infringe the rights of the game in any way. Xingxiao Network also emphasized that legal actions will be carried out if the account owner does not cooperate.

Xingxiao Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yostar.

Source: GNN