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Featured Cosplay EP125: Final Fantasy

By Kao Yu
Apr. 19, 2023 updated 05:00

It's settled! Final Fantasy 16 is coming to PlayStation 5 June 22, 2023. The game features a fully playable flashback that gives us insight into the events of Clive’s past that shape his journey. With a variety of interactions and features, it looks as though there’ll be plenty to do in Final Fantasy 16.

Now let's enjoy today's Final Fantasy cosplay!

Final Fantasy cosplay 1

Source: 调羹羹羹羹羹 on Weibo

Final Fantasy cosplay 2

Source: -薇子喵- on Weibo

Final Fantasy cosplay 3

Source: 世晴酱 on Weibo

Final Fantasy cosplay 4

Source: 一只大关子 on Weibo