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Blizzard Deploys AI Game Development Tool for Concept Art and NPC Creation

By Xueyang
May. 25, 2023 updated 10:49

Beloved Game Characters from Blizzard GamesBeloved Game Characters from Blizzard Games

Blizzard's Chief Design Officer, Allen Adham, recently informed employees via email that the company has deployed an AI game development tool called Blizzard Diffusion internally. The tool is used to "help generate concept art for game environments, characters, and their clothing", as well as including tools for "autonomous, intelligent, in-game NPCs", "program-assisted level design", AI-assisted "voice cloning", and "game coding".

Adham stated that "we are on the cusp of a major evolution in game building and management", but also emphasized that "the introduction of AI tools is risky, so the company will be very careful in its execution".

It is worth noting that Activision Blizzard employees also received an email from CTO Michael Vance warning them not to use the company's proprietary internal data resources with external AI image generators.

In addition to Blizzard, Ubisoft has released a generative AI tool called Ghostwriter, which assists in game plot dialogue design by generating NPC dialogue drafts based on input character descriptions. Unity, a game engine company, has also released a lightweight cross-platform neural network inference library called Unity Barracuda, which allows for local operation and can significantly reduce costs. Unity believes that using AI can result in a 10x increase in product output for game designers and developers.

Source: Weixin