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DOTA2 Chinese Commentator YammerS Committed Suicide

By Xueyang
Jun. 4, 2023 updated 10:08

Chinese Dota 2 commentator @Dota2_YammerS has unfortunately passed away. According to his last Weibo post, the bullying he suffered was one of the major reasons for his suicide.


Fans believe that YammerS was born into a broken family and suffered bullying throughout his childhood and beyond, leading to depression. He wanted to use basketball, socializing, Dota, and childhood reconciliation but unfortunately failed. His father's death was the last straw that overwhelmed him, and even his beloved Dota couldn't keep him.

DOTA2 Announcement on YammerS' DeathDOTA2 Announcement on YammerS' Death

As a commentator, YammerS was very enthusiastic and professional. At the DOTA2 Supermajor in 2018, during the LGD vs. VP game, due to LGD's brilliant operation, YammerS left a very classic voice line for DOTA players: "Goodbye, baby!"

Source: Sohu